Innovation Playbook

Just get started

Even though some technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain may not seem obvious at first: We make the potential of digitisation in your company visible.

Minimise risk

Together with you, in an agile process, we transform ideas into quickly tangible prototypes and concrete products. In every step we work towards practical results with independent benefits.

Seize opportunities

In a short period of time we will get your company on course for the future. We deliver the technology and strategy experts that complement your team and products to generate measurable success.

Measurable results in 6 monthsMaking digitisation easy

Technology and digitisation are only means to an end. We work with you to find the right concepts for the digital transformation of your company and apply technology in such a way that it quickly brings effective benefits for your customers and for your company.

Together with you, we plan and follow a promising path through the multitude of possibilities. With our proven approach we plan and implement projects that

  • optimize your processes and increase productivity,
  • improve products and create new market opportunities, and
  • open up completely new fields of business for strategic growth.

Usually, we organize our projects with agile methods from the conception phase onwards.

  • Bringing employees together, creating a common understanding of digitization
  • Staking out scope (usually it’s about broadening the view)
  • Generating ideas
  • Pre-selecting promising approaches
  • Rough conception of the project ideas generated in the workshop
  • Analysis of the actual state, estimation of the potential
  • Target definition and KPI definition
  • Cost/benefit assessment of project ideas
  • Selection of 1-3 project ideas for implementation
  • Product and process design, epics and user stories, UX design
  • Project planning
  • Possibly business model design and marketing plan
  • Implementation of prototype/click dummy
  • Roll-out planning and change management plan
  • Staffing
  • UI design
  • Epics to stories, refinement of user stories
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Preparation of roll-out and success measurement
  • If necessary, preparation for marketing and communication
  • Training and employee communication
  • Go-live
  • Marketing rollout
  • Measurement of success

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