Digital products and innovative business modelsSeize opportunities: Strategy, concept, implementation.

More than just transferring old concepts to the Internet

Digitisation offers great opportunities for growth, revenue and profitability for almost all businesses.

Sales and procurement markets in many industries have changed fundamentally in recent years. And technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain offer radically new opportunities to optimise internal processes and collaboration between different companies.

But only those who rethink existing business models and look at new growth areas with open eyes will be able to exploit all the opportunities offered by digitisation and survive in a global competition.

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Our super strength: Seeing connections that others can't see and creating innovative products by combining our customers' capabilities with market and technology opportunities.
Martin Breitsprecher
Co-founder @ Blockruption

We support you from strategy development to implementation

For decades, our team has been successfully developing new business models and products in a wide variety of industries. Our consultants have an interdisciplinary background and in-depth experience with both the economic and technical aspects of digitization.

We support you throughout the entire project cycle and thus ensure successful projects:

  • Strategy development and market analysis
  • Development of business models
  • Product design
  • Project management
  • Implementation of products, testing and roll-out
  • Training and change management

New impulses for your team through our experienced experts

We identify the digitisation potential in your company with you and design concrete products and process improvements, which we implement together with your internal IT specialists or exclusively with external developers.

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