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Make the most of digitisation - but how?

Digital transformation offers many opportunities. By now, we all know that only those companies can be successful in the long term which consistently exploit these opportunities early on.

Nevertheless, in many cases the strategically important topic of digitisation is neglected because of the day-to-day business. And there is often a lack of employees who can filter out the essence from buzzwords such as e-commerce, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data to plan and implement successful projects with concrete results.

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We help you to use technology effectively

Together, we plan and follow a promising path through the multitude of possibilities.

With our proven approach – the Innovation Playbook – we plan and implement projects that

  • optimize your processes and increase productivity,
  • improve products and create new market opportunities, and
  • open up completely new fields of business for strategic growth.

Our concepts and solutions are based on a combination of

We bring our knowledge to your company through training and education and support you in embedding “digital” thinking and acting in your corporate culture.

Benefit from our experience

Our core team consists of consultants who are familiar with the economic, technical and cultural aspects of digitalisation and have many years of experience with technology in a wide range of industries.

For more than two decades, we have been supporting companies and organizations such as

  • Daimler AG
  • Deutsche Post AG
  • Europäische Kommission (various Directorates-General)
  • Axel Springer AG
  • Hubert Burda Media
  • Booz & Co.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Microsoft
  • 3M
  • as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises

In our projects we combine the following technologies:

  • Internet and web technologies (since 1994)
  • E-Commerce and digital business models (since 1999)
  • Artificial Intelligence (since 2003)
  • Digital Marketing and Online Communication (since 2007)
  • Blockchain and Big Data (since 2016)

Co-founder of Blockruption

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