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Technology and digitisation are only means to an end. We work with you to find the right concept for the digital transformation of your company and apply technology in such a way that it quickly brings effective benefits for your customers and for your company.

Technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence
will change the world more significantly than the web.
  • Application of blockchain technology in agriculture

    Blockchain technology can offer solutions to many of the issues currently found in the agricultural industry. There are many complications in the industry due to a large number of stakeholders that have to work together, ranging from farmers to huge food corporations. In addition, there are many steps in the supply chain from getting food from the farm to the end consumer.

    16. May 2019
  • Application of blockchain technology in logistics

    One of the major complications in the logistics and transportation sector is the large number of individuals and organizations that have to work together. While they are working to complete the same task, such as deliver a product to a consumer, the different members in the supply chain have often had competing interests.

    6. May 2019
  • Blockchains – Cooperatives for the Digital Age

    Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, now enables fair, equal cooperation in decentralised networks with global reach.

    6. February 2019
  • The Web liberated information, blockchain to liberate transactions

    The blockchain is for transactions what the Web was for information. Its path towards commercial innovation is strikingly similar to the Web’s way of causing an information revolution.

    13. August 2018