With The Blockchain Bar, everybody can understand the blockchain!

The blockchain is introducing a new era of the Internet,
similar to the invention of the World Wide Web.
  • The Web liberated information, blockchain to liberate transactions

    The blockchain is for transactions what the Web was for information. Its path towards commercial innovation is strikingly similar to the Web’s way of causing an information revolution.

    13. August 2018
  • Four stages of blockchain implementation

    The blockchain is not yet technically ready to be used in all conceivable scenarios. Companies can nevertheless benefit from this new technology behind Bitcoin today and use a step-by-step approach to protect investments and prepare them for the future.

    6. August 2018
  • Blockchain to boost digitisation in the public space

    With the Blockchain, we could renew healthcare, the energy industry and other sectors in an evolutionary, open process. With the new technology, these systems could become safer, more efficient and sustainably innovative.

    30. July 2018
  • Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and blockchain turn doctors into superheroes

    AI tools will grant doctors abilities in saving lives that will appear as super powers when compared to today’s medical standards. However, AI will only enable superhero doctors who give us longer and better lives if it can be trained on vast amounts of patient files and clinical data. And we need to put patients back in control of their own information, so they can decide to share it for their own good.

    8. March 2018